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  • Moving you through the metaverse in style

What is Meta Movers

We are a Solana based NFT that aims to get you moving through the metaverse in style. We will be integrating with all major metaverse NFTS. We are already working with Solana Town and Desolates. We have been in contact with The Neighborhood as well but that one may take a bit longer.


Desolates is a collection of 6666 NFTs of planets in Alpha Centauri. Each NFT comes with a unique computer generated twitter banner image, as well as the keys to your own planet in a 3D multiverse.

Solana Town

SolanaTown is a metaverse because here we combine all the projects in Solana Ecosystem. Every Solana NFT has a way to integrate and participate in SolanaTown.

The Details




Why mint Meta Movers?

I mean why not? But if need some help deciding....

Grant Access to Custom

Holding a Meta Movers NFT from any of our collections allows you to use the Meta Movers Custom. Allowing you to have a completely unique and made just for you vehicle in the metaverse. Your custom creation cannot be a copy of an existing custom vehcile created by Meta Movers Custom.

Mega Flex

Do you really want to have to walk around the metaverse in no style? If you're like us, you have planets and houses and lots. Why would you not flex your custom*see custom in roadmap, or genesis collection Meta Movers ride. A brand we plan to build to represent style, quality and innovation, throughout the metaverse.

Ground Floor

Ground and floor are usually not positive words to use in NFTs, but this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a project that plans to become the "Brand" known thoughout the metaverse for style and quality.

Meta Movers the class and style the metaverse deserves!!

Meta Movers Roadmap

Here is our plan for the future of Meta Movers as we see it right now. As all things in NFTs this is fluid and can change depending on needs and wants of the community and market conditions. We will NEVER promise anything we don't plan on delivering. Underpromise, overdeliver is the way we plan to roll.

Meta Movers Team

Our team is very excited about the project and our niche in the metaverse. We are fully doxed and do not plan om going anyhwere.

Mike Sanborn


I am super excited about this project and working within the metaverse. I worked as a developer in real life and now in Project Managment with a SAAS company.


Artistic Manager

Hey, I’m known as Nikodeam! General 3D and NFT artist with a portfolio that consists of Collaborations with: Wicked Bone Club, Pudgy Apes and Dope Cats. Am an active member of the RTFKT creator group. I have started my creative journey a while back and have a broad knowledge of tool sets and techniques.


Operations Consultant

The discord dominator himself. A perfect addition to the team. Hustles harder than anyone I know and will be a great addition for the community as well as the team.

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